MERCURY SERIES “A” HYDRO-PNEUMATIC PRESSES July 8, 2016 – Posted in: Series A - Hydro Pneumatic Press Cylinder, Hydro Pneumatic Presses


(A low cost alternative to Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Mechanical Presses)

“MERCURY” series of Hydro-Pneumatic Presses combines the advantages of efficient, low cost pneumatics, to achieve the large output forces associated with hydraulics.  The system operates on normal compressed air pressure of 5 bar, using standard pneumatic controls, thus completely eliminating the use of an expensive hydraulic power pack and associated control equipment.

Typical applications include Riveting, Blanking, Shaft straightening, Forming, Clamping, Stamping etc. to name a few.

Mercury Hydro-Pneumatic Presses are ideal for any application requiring pressing force ranging from 0.4 tonnes to 45 tonnes and are available in 2 cloumn, 4 column, C-frame and compact C-frame types.

Mercury has launched its new and improved Series “ A” Hydro Pneumatic presses in the Indian and International market. Due to its Aluminium body design, it is now lighter in weight and has magnetic sensors incorporated for Low oil level sensing as well as approach stroke sensing.The flexibility of the system has increased in addition to the aesthetics and surface finish. Internal improvements not only double the life of the seals but also save a lot of compressed air in the higher tonnage models.

Some salient features of Mercury Hydro-Pneumatic Presses are :

  • Very low air consumption, resulting in energy saving of upto 80% over equivalent pneumatic cylinders and 50% over equivalents hydraulic systems.
  • Compact cylinder design which can be mounted in any position.
  • Force and speed can be infinitely adjusted.
  • High stroke frequency.
  • Rapid approach and return stroke.
  • Absolute separation of air and oil chambers.
  • Low oil level sensing unit.
  • Simple design for easy maintenance.