Energy Saving valves August 9, 2016 – Posted in: Pneumatic Valves

Mercury Pneumatics Pvt Ltd has designed and developed a range of energy saving valves for Pneumatic applications. These valves can be used in Air blow guns and larger bore pneumatic cylinders for reducing air consumed by these products thus saving energy and reducing operating costs of an organization.

The ESB model for Air blow guns are lightweight products which fit directly on the blow gun and regulate the air pressure so that a fixed pressure is given to do work irrespective of the line pressure. This ensures that there is no wastage of air and thus saves close to 40% of the energy currently consumed by a regular air blow gun

The ES2 & ES4 models are specially designed for Pneumatic cylinders wherin the product regulates the pressure in the return stroke of the cylinder and that is the low force stage of the cycle. This ensures that you are not generating more force than required thus saving energy in the process. It can save upto 30% air consumed by Pneumatic cylinders.