About Us

Mercury Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd., commenced producing pneumatic products in 1980, as a small scale firm. Its motto was to introduce to the Indian market, world class products of latest design, at an affordable price.

The product range consists of Pneumatic Cylinders, Hydro-Pneumatic Presses, Hydro-Pneumatic Pump and special products for OEM applications.

Our special ‘T’ rings design Spool Valves, introduced in 1980, have stood the test or time and are competing successfully against products of several multinational firms now operating in India.

In 1989 “MERCURY” pioneered the introduction of Hydro-Pneumatic Presses and Pumps as a low cost alternative to expensive and complex hydraulic systems. Today, as market leader, we are constantly improving these products with complete indigenous technology. Over 17000 systems are working in various industries all over India. A major portion of orders received are repeat orders, which confirms the reliability of these products and customer satisfaction. With success of the Hydro pneumatic product range, we ventured into design and launch of the Air boosters and Grease pumps, the first of its kind in India.

In response to market demand, we introduced Pneumatic Cylinder in 1996, our first product as per ISO standards. With an innovative design of seals and bearings, “ MERCURY” Pneumatic Cylinders have become very popular and have captured a fair share of the Indian market within short time.

To support customers all over India, “MERCURY” has established a nation wide marketing network of technically competent “BUSINESS ASSOCIATES”. This direct marketing strategy along with the support of factory trained personnel has enabled us to provide quick and reliable technical advice and service support, which is very much appreciated by our customers.

In 2008 , we established our First Overseas Associate located in Brazil . From the time of establishment, we are constantly supplying world class products to the Braizilian market under the “ Mercury” brand name and our products have been well received along with repeat orders. By 2017 , we plan to expand our network to the Middle east as well as the USA market and become an internationally known brand.

Besides the standard products, we have developed several special products for OEM applications and import substitutes. Continuous efforts in R and D give Mercury the technical strength and indigenous products in its current lineup which has made us a Leader in today’s competitive market. We are now an approved vendor for a Biomedical company in the USA and are supplying critical oxygen regulators. This is am honour as we have passed their stringent audits in Manufacturing , testing and quality and our inbuilt quality systems have proven to match their international requirements.

Among latest developments, Mercury has shifted from its custom made inventory and process management software to a full fledged ERP ( Factory master , UK) in the last quarter of 2011 and have set the base for their future growth plans into the international markets.

Please find below some of our esteemed customers in India and Overseas Market:

  1. Pneumatic Valves , Cylinders and Air Preparation Units:
  • Apollo Tyres Ltd
  • Kabra Extrusionteknik Ltd
  • Tata Motors Ltd
  • Hindustan Zinc Ltd
  • Semco Electric Ltd
  • Susah Founders
  • Shyam plastic
  • Mahindra and Mahindra

And many more

  1. Hydro Pneumatic Presses :
  • Tata Motors
  • Kanin India
  • The west India Power equipments
  • Suprajit engineering ltd
  • Minda Group
  • Phoenix Mecano Pvt Ltd
  • Hindalco industries Ltd
  • Rane TRW
  • KPT ltd
  • Lucas TVS

And many more

  1. Hydro Pneumatic Pumps:
  • Audco Ltd
  • Ghathe Patil Industries Ltd
  • Prime Plastics
  • Delphi TVS
  • International equipments
  • LnT Mcneil

And many more

  1. Special Products for OEM’s:
  • PARI: special valves for Pneumatic balancers.
  • Manugraph Industries Ltd:Special valves for their printing press
  • Micro tools: Special valves for PET blow moulding machines
  • Special valves for Schrader Duncan and Dancal India
  • Manatec/ IRA :Tyre Inflation valve
  • LnT : dozing pumps
  • Chart Biomedical : Oxygen regulators
  • Atlantic Biomedical: valves for dialysis machine

We hope to expand our range of products , technology and customer base in the coming years to gain the same recognition in the international market and become a global company by 2018